Work & Rest

The match between hard questions in life and rules of the Bible can be disappointing. There are times when the Bible gives a perfectly clear rule, but we don’t seem to need it. For example, if I ever have an ox with a habit of goring, I can turn to Exodus 21 and know exactly […]

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Work: Curse or Calling?

The Need for a Renewed Vision A song title—“Working for the Weekend.” A restaurant sign— “T.G.I. Friday’s.” An employer’s lament—“It’s so hard to find good help these days.” What do they have in common? Each in its own disturbing way tells us something about the way our world approaches work. For so many, work is […]

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Why We Work: What Is the Point?

Why We Work: What Is the Point? You shuffle into work. Clock in on the outdated computer. Report to your boss. “Morning,” you mutter; she grunts in reply. File. Arrange. Rearrange. Click. Shooo. “Ahggh.” Despite caffeine and a full REM cycle, your blurred eyes couldn’t distinguish the trash folder from the file folder on the […]

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