International Reformed Fellowship

A remarkable meeting was held in Pasadena, California, February 18–20, 1993. It was remarkable because the meeting was devoted to the cause of Reformed ecumenicity. It was remarkable because the 80 delegates came from 10 countries, 15 denominations and 18 seminaries. It was remarkable because the impetus for the meeting came from Koreans, showing the […]

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Why International Reformed Fellowship?

Ecumenicity is the watchword in church life today in every continent and country of the globe. The magnitude of the atheistic challenge, coupled with the scandal of unceasing divisions within the established church has been a great incentive to church union as Christians yearn to be united.                 […]

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Reformed Faith at the Crossroads

The following address was given to the first meeting of the International Reformed Fellowship. It is timely counsel for all of us as well. The Editors The theme assigned to me for today is “Reformed Faith at the Crossroads.” It is a timely and vital theme because I believe that we in the Reformed community are […]

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