The Demons: Confederates of Satan

The Bible tells us of only one devil, but of legions of demons. The name “devil” is reserved for Satan, hut allied with him in his destructive work are unnumbered legions of wicked, fallen angels called “demons” of whom Satan is head or king (Revelation 9:11). Much greater attention has been paid to the demons than […]

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Indian Idolatry in Every Heart

Bangalore, the city where I spent most of my time on a summer mission project, is in the south-central part of India. It resides on a plateau, which makes the weather perfect — it is in the 70s-80s the whole summer! Ban-galore is one of the five largest cities in India, with a population pushing […]

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The God of Materialism

Introduction “Today,” writes C. J. Mahaney, “the greatest challenge facing American evangelicals is . . .” How would you finish that statement? What is the church’s biggest obstacle? There are many good answers to that question. Challenges abound from many corners. Satan is alive and well. The world isn’t our friend. The hostility is real, […]

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