The Day Before…

The day before Labor Day 1969, what will the Lord say to His people in your congregation about their daily work and the coming of His Kingdom through that work? And what will he their communal heart-response that day in celebration, the next day on the job itself, the next work-week, the next year under […]

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The Editor’s Page…

This fall evangelical Christians throughout the world will face the question of commemorating the 450th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Strange as it may seem, this has become a pressing issue. Those now in the middle years of life will remember how only a few decades ago this event was celebrated with much enthusiastic praise […]

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Thus Spake Karl Marx

A number of spokesmen for the United Packinghouse Workers of America recently showed how thin the veneer of “neutrality” of the secular trade unions really is. They referred to the Biblical view of work as “medieval,” described workers who do not favour the socialist New Democratic Party as “ignorant” and dismissed the Christian Labour Association of Canada as “phony.” What […]

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