Studies in the Canons of Dort – Lessons 20 and 21

LESSON TWENTY ART. 9. THE PURPOSE OF ELECTION PROGRESSIVELY ACCOMPLISHED. The Price of Election The purpose of election proceeds “from everlasting love towards the elect.” I am writing this during the week before Christmas. How incomprehensible is the love of God towards the elect! His own Son had to come into the flesh, had to satisfy every […]

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Studies in the Canons of Dort

PART TWO THE DEATH OF CHRIST AND THE REDEMPTION OF MEN THEREBY OUTLINE OF PART TWO Art. 1. Divine justice requires either:  a. Punishment of sin, or b. Satisfaction for sin Art. 2. Infinite mercy provides the divine way of satisfying divine justice. Art. 3. Death of the divine Son is the perfect sacrifice and satisfaction […]

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