Bible Studies on Ezra Lesson 7: The Devil’s Distortions

Scripture Reading: Ezra 4:6–24 Background Reading: 2 Chronicles 36:1–21; 2 Kings 25:22–26; Jeremiah 52:1–11 Discussion Starters 1. What motivated the enemies of Judah and Jerusalem to “frustrate [the] purpose” of the Israelites? Who was there encouraging God’s people? (Read Haggai 1; see Note 4:2.) 2. What specific actions did Israel’s enemies take as soon as […]

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Bible Studies on Ezra Lesson 6: Restoring the Temple

Scripture Reading: Ezra 3:7–4:5 Background Reading: 2 Chronicles 5; 7:1–6; 2 Kings 17:24–41 Discussion Starters 1. After the Feast of Tabernacles was finished, what did the Israelites immediately undertake? Did they confine their activities to the community of believers, or did they also work closely with nonbelievers? (See note 6:7.1.) 2. Was it wrong for […]

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Bible Studies on Ezra Lesson 5: The Remnant Responds Obediently

Scripture Reading: Ezra 3:1–7 Background Reading: Numbers 20:12–40; Leviticus 23:33–44 Discussion Starters 1. What was it that prompted all the children of Israel to leave their homes and gather in Jerusalem? (See note 5:1.1.) 2. What does it mean that they “gathered as one man”? Was this typical of the Israelites prior to the time […]

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