The Second Coming of Christ

Outline XXI From your Bibles read Matthew 25:31–40; also Luke 12:47, 48. THE FINAL JUDGMENT (Second Outline) 1. WHEN WIll IT OCCUR? From the section which you have just read it is clear that the final judg­ment will take place immediately after Christ’s second coming and the resurrection of the dead: “When the Son of man […]

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Does the Soul Survive Death?

Read John 11:17–26 1. THE QUESTION DEFINED The question at this point is not, “Will the dead live again?” There are those who believe that the dead will indeed live again but deny that the soul survives death! To be sure, this is a strange theory, but it is held by some people. Neither is the […]

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Signs of the Times

The Great Apostasy Outline V From your Bible read Luke 17:26–37 We have learned that the Gospel Age, during which the message of salvation is proclaimed in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, will be followed by days of unprecedented distress. The reason why these days will be days of great […]

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