Rev. Paul Murphy in New York City

On Friday, January 31, 2003, Rev. Paul T. Murphy was installed as associate Pastor of West Sayville Reformed Bible Church (URCNA). Rev. Murphy, along with his wife, Julie, and their children Shannon, Joshua, Joel, Peter,Abigail will have their membership at West Sayville. The installation was nicely attended with representatives from several URCNA churches (it was […]

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God’s People, My Parish

I met Shaul (sha-OOL) Mayer ben Yitzchak at Hebrew School. We were inseparable. Jewish kids who attended public school (like us) were sent to Hebrew School in the afternoons in the hope that they would learn enough Hebrew to avoid humiliating dad at the Bar Mitzvah. Hebrew School was Monday through Thursday from 3:45 to […]

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