Nature in Symbol and Simile in the Book of Isaiah

In no other part of Scripture, except perhaps in the Psalms, is the language so rich with the life and the movement of the natural world as in the book of the prophet Isaiah. Gardens and trees, rivers, fountains and pools soothe the eyes of the reader with their cool green and crystal Their refreshing sounds and […]

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Out of the seed, out of the stalk, the leaf, the flower This harvest, multicolored, multiform, Falls to the lap of earth In silent, effortless birth. Food for the race of man, and, meshed in each fruit, Seed for another generation Of root and tendril and flower— Seed for a summer bower, Cool and redolent […]

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The Ancient Pledge

Now are the boughs unburdened of their fruit And fields lie shorn. The splendid, arching sun Measures the hours along her golden route And southward leans, diminishing her run. Now are the mornings misted with the cold, And sounds once faint and far come winging clear; The maple on the hill turns slowly gold In […]

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