Out of the seed, out of the stalk, the leaf, the flower

This harvest, multicolored, multiform,

Falls to the lap of earth

In silent, effortless birth.

Food for the race of man, and, meshed in each fruit,

Seed for another generation

Of root and tendril and flower—

Seed for a summer bower,

Cool and redolent under a sudden shower;

Seed for the springtime ahead and the years to follow.

Life in each small, sealed, secretive parcel.

Fruit of the earth for man

Food for the flesh, and food for the mind and spirit;

Color, form, line

In a bright design

From the hand divine.

Warm be our love,

Deep be our gratitude welling

As we take from that lavishing hand

Hue, texture, flavor

For us, His children, to savor.

– Beth Merizon