A Call to Complete Obedience

This summer we took a family vacation to the West Coast. Like all good tourists, we took in a day at the beach. And like all good tourists, I demonstrated my ignorance of proper beach precautions. Everyone knows that if you are coming from Iowa to go to the beach, you had better be well […]

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Pentecost and The Spirit-Filled Church

As we draw near to the dawning of the 21st century we hear much talk about the “Shape of the church in the 21st century.” Seminars are offered which are intended to teach us how to be prepared for ministry in the 21st century. You can go into any Christian bookstore and find an increasing […]

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Standing as the Pillar

“Let us keep living by that same standard to which we have attained.” Philippians 3:16  “Reformed from what?” “Is that like a Reform School or something?” Have you ever been asked questions like that when you have told someone that you belong to a “Reformed Church?” “Reformed from what?” How do you answer a question […]

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