ISN’T THE CHURCH “PRIMARILY MORE IMPORTANT”? “I would like to know…” wrote Arthur Davies in a recent TORCH AND TRUMPET article (August, 1970), “how that church is of primarily more importance than, for example, the God-instituted family.” “That church” to which he refers is the “church-as-institute-gathered-around-the-Word-with-its-Christ-appointed-officiary” spoken about by P. Y. De Jong in a […]

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The “Offering” of the Benediction

What does it mean to “offer” the benediction? To ask this question is to raise a number of related questions; Who may offer the benediction? When may the benediction be offered? What is a benediction? ‘The answers to these other questions are closely connected with the answer to the first one. Certain things seem adequately clear. […]

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Are Election and Evangelism Compatible?

Does the reformed faith have a distinctive approach to evangelism? This question arises from observation. Reformed preachers are taking a current interest in reaching the masses with the Gospel-but many of them seem to be embarrassed by their own efforts. They find themselves teaming up with Arminian cohorts, or else they themselves are sounding an unsteady […]

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