The Lodge and Church Membership

From its beginning the Christian Reformed Church has ruled, unqualifiedly and unalterably, that no member of the church could be a lodge member, nor remain in the church if later he joined the lodge. The presence of lodge members in the Reformed Church of America in 1857 became one of the major reasons for succession. […]

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THE OTHER SIDE Some one once offered wise Counsel to us Christians. He said, one should first read the good news from God in the morning, or else he should first turn on a Christian program. And only after that should he lake up the morning newspaper or turn on the news broadcast. Is it […]

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Synod Faces “New Theology” of Amsterdam

Three years have passed since the Board of Trustees of Calvin, as well as the Synod of 1968 were earnestly petitioned by a consistory and by two classes to declare themselves on alleged erroneous teachings set forth by professors at the Free University of Amsterdam. This University is supported by and influential in the Gereformeerde […]

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