Reformation & Preaching

WHAT IS PREACHING? Surely one of the greatest needs of OUf time is the recovery of true, Biblical, effective preaching. Almost everywhere I hear remedies, but few strike me as addressing the real need. Some suggestions are imbalanced. These engender the destruction of a properly settled assurance in many of God’s elect. Others are weak […]

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The Two Essentials for Pastoral Labor (1)

I have been thinking a lot, in recent days, about the Christian ministry. I wrote an earlier Update (Vol. 5, No. 3, 1996) on the subject of divine call to the ministry. I can’t seem to get a growing concern for pastoral integrity out of my mind. My exposure to the church across North America […]

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The Two Essentials of Pastoral Labor (II)

Recent involvement with several wounded believers, grieved by the failure of prominent pastoral leadership in regard to the care of their souls, has underscored for me at a profound level the urgency of what I wrote in the last Update (Vol. 5, No.5, 1996) (reprinted in the January issue of The Outlook). I began a […]

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