The Christian Mind

Christianity is an intellectual religion. If Christians bypass the intellect they will distort the truth of the Bible immediately. Christianity simply cannot survive in a non-thinking environment, no matter how much zeal is sprinkled on its practice by well-meaning adherents. Christianity is not a faith simply for the formally educated, or even for those philosophers […]

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John Calvin, the Man

Continued exposure to popular American evangelical religion has revealed to me once again how completely ahistorical modern Christianity has become. People use terms with no understanding of their origin or meaning and strongly react to what they mistakenly think is the truth. This could not be more apparent than when reference is made to John […]

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Calvinism: The Theology of the Reformer

One of the questions I am most frequently asked relates to theological identity. We Christians have our identity in a culture that is increasingly unsympathetic. As evangelicals, we reject both the radical separatism and the anti-intellectualism of an earlier time. Further, as Protestants we have an identity which is different, though this has been virtually […]

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