“Michal, the Daughter of Saul”

It should strike us rather odd upon reading the sixth chapter of II Samuel, that Michal is mentioned three times as being Saul’s daughter. After all, she is David’s wife and the repetition of her maiden name, three limes in rapid succession, seems to spell trouble. Such trouble might lead us to suppose that the marital affection between David and his wife […]

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Communism: A New Religion

IV (Final Installment) As we have seen in our preview article, every non-Christian philosophy and religion has its own god, its own explanation of sin, and its own theory of redemption. From this point of view no communist has a right to claim originality. With regard to the communistic conception of God, we saw that Marx and […]

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Is It Worth Reading?

G.C. Berkouwer, FAITH AND JUSTIFICATION. Translated by Lewis B. Smedes. Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company. 1954. 207. $3.00. In our present age of speculation and rigid dogmatism, this book by Dr. Berkouwer is like fresh spring water quenching the thirst of a weary traveler. A new approach to the study of dogmatics is […]

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