Look magazine now accepts ads that solicit abortion (a December issue). When a written protest is made, their canned response is that New York State has legalized it. Therefore, it is all right.

This is a strange reasoning: what is legal is ethical; or, morality is determined by the number of votes cast in the legislature. On such reasoning, easy divorce is ethical, because the States legalize it.

Look’s response should caution legislators in passing unbiblical, permissive abortion laws. For, whether it is sensible or not, as a matter of fact people do look to the laws and practices to determine right and wrong. When they see the New York legislature saying it is permissible to kill the unborn (even though the law passed by only one vote I), and when they see in practice that 50,000 lives have been snuffed out in four months time in New York City alone, they conclude that abortion cannot be so bad after all.

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Edwin H. Palmer is executive secretary of the Committee of Bible Translation of the New York Bible Society.