The Teaching Woman

II Timothy 1:5, 3:12–15

“…knowing from whom you have learned them.” II Timothy 3:14b (NASV)

We would love to probe into the child-training secrets of grandmother Lois which earned for her double praise from Paul in II Timothy 1 and 3. Whatever else she may have done in raising daughter Eunice and grandson Timothy, we may be sure of two things she did. She must have taught and enforced the Scriptures and set an example of Christian living.

The Bible instructs us to “train up our children in the way they should go.” Training involves two things: teaching and enforcement of the teaching.



As Christian parents we must verbally teach our children the Scriptures. We can do this at regular specific times of family worship. But we must also reinforce this teaching in the day by day situations and problems which arise. If there is cheating—apply the Scriptures; if quarreling—apply the Scriptures; if sadness—apply Scriptures; if disobedience—apply the Scriptures; if success and joy—apply the Scriptures. There is no area of life to which the Scriptures do not speak.

But parental example must parallel the training. The old adage says, “Children will do what you do more quickly than they will do what you say.” How true that is! Godly training must be accompanied by godly conduct. To cause a “little one to stumble” brings judgment to the doer and disaster to the child.

Grandmother Lois speaks briefly but pointedly from the pages of Scripture, telling us that there is no more important task on this earth than the training of our children. May her reward be ours.

Laurie Vanden Heuvel