TEENERS’ CORNER: Should She Finish Her Course in Nursing Before Marrying?


I am 19 years old and have been keeping steady company with a fine young man who is nearly 22 years old. When we first met, I expressed interest in a nursing course, and since then I have begun training in a local hospital. The longer I am at it, the more I love it. My grades are excellent and my instructors tell me I am a “natural” for nursing, and they encourage me to complete the three years training.

My gentleman friend, however, is very unhappy about this. Originally he had hoped I would settle for a one-year course in practical nursing, which by this time would have been completed.He feels it is unfair of me to keep him waiting two more years. He wants me to quit the course, get a job, and W01’k till next spring; and then both of us by that time will have saved enough money to get married.

I cannot see it his way.  I enjoy my work so much and when I am with him I talk so much about the work that he becomes angry. what shall we do?


Frankly, I feel you are a poor risk for your friend. As long as you are so happily engrossed by your studies both of you had better forget about becoming husband and wife. Blessings to you in your nursing course. If you are a “natural,” as your instructors say you are, you should develop those gifts. They were given to you for that purpose. I doubt whether you would be happy without the R.

Meanwhile, don’t break another heart. Feeling the way you do about the nursing profession, you should not have entered this steady relationship. Don’t make another blunder like that! Men have feelings too!