Teeners’ Corner: Is This Parental Deadline Unreasonable?


At sixteen and a half years of age I have a problem with which I would like some help. After Young People’s Society we usually go for coffee at a member’s house. My deadline used to be 10:15 p.m., but recently it has become 10:00 p.m. I don’t see the reason why I have to be so early. I have done nothing with which I lost my parents’ trust in me. Do you think this is the right time, or could I come in later for a girl of my age? None of my friends of the same age have to come in this early. Would you please place this in the “Teeners’ Corner” so that others might also benefit by it?



This letter, I believe, has set a record for distance traveled to reach Teeners’ Corner. It came from northwest Canada. We are happy to learn that there are teen-agers “way up north” reading TORCH AND TRUMPET.

Assuming that I have all the relevant facts in the case, I am disturbed that we have parents who require a girl of your age to observe such an early deadline, when the girl has done nothing to make herself untrustworthy, and when the parents know where the girl is, in this instance at the home of one of the society members. Since there has been nothing in your conduct to justify the rule, I suggest that you ask your girl friends to make a personal appeal to your parents requesting their permission to have you accept hospitality in these other homes beyond the deadline hour. And be sure you take your turn in having these young people in your home. That will give your parents opportunity to witness the wholesomeness of the fellowship and may induce them to take a different attitude towards your after-meeting gatherings.

Meanwhile, you have my sympathy. I know of many instances where young people have hurried into early marriages to get from under unreasonable discipline. I certainly do not recommend early marriages for that reason, but it is well that your parents and others should know that young people not infrequently use marriage as an escape from an unhappy home situation.