Teener’s Corner: How Not to Win a Soul


My husband and I still are teen-agers. We married young and have one baby. Recently we enrolled in a doctrine class in our church for the purpose of completing our preparation for full membership. It took a lot of urging to get my husband to go with me. He has a weak religious background. The home from which he came is far from what it ought to be. Imagine how disturbed he became when, at the first meeting of the class the minister spent the entire period talking about the importance of paying church budget. On the way home my husband said, “If that is what the class is going to be, I am through with it.” He hasn’t attended since that evening. What shall I do?


Frankly, this floors me. I have never heard anything like it. Your husband’s attitude, of course, is wrong, but why your pastor began a communicants’ class with that subject is beyond me. All I can say is that you go to your pastor, tell him how you feel, and ask him to call on your husband. Meanwhile, you keep on attending the class.