Teeners’ Corner


My brother and I live in a very unhappy home. Our parents seldom have a day without a quarrel. My brother who is older than I will soon marry. He says he will be glad to get out of the house. That will leave me to face the situation here alone. My father is a war veteran. Sometimes he helps the leader of the Boys’ Society in our church, and seems to enjoy it. But I don’t understand how he can help in the church that way when he is so disagreeable at home. I have a chance to live with my aunt. Shall I do it?


Try to stick it out in your own home. Meanwhile, don’t become involved in the family quarrels unless you must do so for principle’s sake. Let your inoffensive deportment be a silent witness to your parents. God can use your example as a rebuke to them. Your father’s experiences in the war may have something to do with his conduct. The fact that he enjoys his work with the boys’ group in the church may indicate that in his own blundering way he is trying to make something of himself outside the home.

Sometimes, in a situation like yours it is wise to take the family physician into your confidence. Your parents are getting on each other’s nerves. They might profit from some medical treatment.