Sound Bites Torch and Trumpet 1968

January 1968

“We must remember that not all controversy is warranted and that we must seek the peace of Christ’s church, but we must especially beware of putting peace ahead of God’s truth.”

Truth or Peace Peter De Jong

February 1968

“Our day suffers from an unwillingness to do the truly difficult but indispensable task of learning and responding obediently to the guiding principles laid down in God’s Word.”

Dialogue B. J. Haan

“What is ‘church music’? Negatively stated, it is not a time-killer, a performance or entertainment ….Positively stated, church music is, as one author has literally and aptly described it, ‘bride of Christ music’….This music must be worthy of the bridegroom.”

Sing to the Glory of God Laurie Vanden Heuvel

March 1968

“In our mobile, distracted society we read and talk about better homes but then we use our better cars on our better roads to get away from home too often, too fast, and too far!”

The Christian Home C. Holtrop

“The people who prattle, ‘No book but the Bible’ usually publish the most books.”

Letter to the Editor Howard W. Long

“The greatest danger that faces our Christian schools and us, the teachers, is that of imitating the secular schools.”

Servants of Christ B. J. Haan

April 1968

“When we saturate our sermons with prayer, depending not upon ourselves but upon the Holy Spirit for an effective transmission of God’s truth, why shouldn’t we believe that this truth is reaching these young hearts?”

Underestimating Our Children Leonard Greenway

May–June 1968

“The maxim ‘Scripture is its own interpreter’ certainly applies to the first chapters of Genesis, for already in these chapters there is ample evidence that the writer does not symbolically convey a theory about the creation of man and his fall into sin, but that he writes history.”

Interpreting Genesis 2 and 3 Simon Kistemaker

“Instead of seeking novelty by discarding the grand old truths of the Bible, let us find novelty by probing afresh the unfathomable depths and unreachable riches of the Word of God.”

Novelty Edwin H. Palmer

July–August 1968

“In so many denominations, it is sad to note how it started out witha staunch biblical faith, slowly re-duced to a revised faith. At a certain stage, as faith in the Bible weakens and faith in science grows, then they discover that their faith is out-moded, then ‘their eyes are opened’ to see how far they are behind. That feeling comes only to those who bow their knee to Baal Human Brain.”

Nothing New Under the Sun L. T. Schalkwyk

September 1968

“Men who are called to confront a confused generation with the liberating Word of the Lord frequently add to mankind’s burden by echoing the utter nonsense vainly fabricated by secularized scholarship.”

Christian Commitment – Do We Show It? Gerald VandeZande

October 1968

“If neither elders nor members have a Biblical conception of their respective offices and places in the congregation, there is apt to be a cynical attitude toward every part of the church’s ministry toward her people.”

What’s an Elder to Do? Jay Wesseling