Sound Bites Torch and Trumpet 1967

January 1967

“…we must desist from labeling believers and churches as either ‘conservative’ or ‘progressive’ (liberal) as if the former are solely interested in preserving the heritage of the past and the latter concerned only with speaking appropriately to their own time. The self-conscious, committed Christian always strives to be both at the same time.”

The Editor’s Page Peter Y. De Jong

“…if the gospel is to meet us where we are, not in terms of our conception but in terms of God’s judgment, it must be a gospel of God’s doing, of God’s action, of God’s action with reference to His own judgment upon sin.”

The Relevance of History John Murray

February 1967

“For today’s Christians nothing is more foolish and sinful than to wish wistfully that it were yesterday. Those were the good old times; the times in which it was supposedly quite easy to be a Christian, because the world wasn’t quite as bad and could be held farther away from the church than now. Not only is this vain and unrealistic reasoning. It is clearly wicked.”

The Editor’s Page P. Y. De Jong

April 1967

“The church’s lot in the world is not an easy one. She is called to do all things to God’s glory in a world where men worship themselves, their achievements and their bellies.”

The Apple of His Eye Edward Heerema

July – August 1967

“The Church in the New Testament is the community of the ‘called out ones.’ Men and women, called out of the world and called into fellowship of the redeemed, constitute a new race, a chosen generation, a royal priesthood. The primary task of those ‘called out ones’ is to call others to separate themselves from their allegiance to the world and come to Christ, confessing their sins and acknowledging Christ as their Savior and Lord.”

The Priority of Proclamation Roger S. Greenway

September 1967

“True Christian education is worth the price at any cost, but the question in any individual case is whether the school is truly Christian, or whether it is merely a ‘public’ school with a part-time Bible department.”

* * * * *

“More people are sending their children to the Christian schools; more brick and mortar is going up; to the external eye the Christian schools are more successful than ever before. Just at a time like this we need to exercise care, lest while we attain to the external marks of ‘success’ we slip our moorings and depart from the basic principles upon which our schools were founded.”

Why I Send My Children to the Christian School Gordon Girod

October 1967

“In certain situations extra-creedal pronouncements are beneficial and, we believe, necessary in the application of a creedal teaching to a concrete situation.”

After Four and One Half Years – A Decision John B. Hulst

December 1967

“The danger today is that when you really take a stand, when you avow a commitment, you run the risk of being thought of as archaic, you are not scholarly. Scholarship amounts to this in the eyes of so many people, that you are searching. You are on the search for truth, but it is a search in which you never arrive. You don’t find it, and you don’t ever stand up to say that you know there is a finality about anything you affirm.”

Portrait of a Protestant John Vander Ploeg