Sound Bites Torch and Trumpet 1966

January 1966

“Christ is not preached aright unless His shed blood is emphasized as the only way guilty human beings can find peace with the righteous God. We can never advance beyond the cross; we can never outgrow it and go on to other things.”

The Offense of the Cross Johannes G. Vos

“The question is not whether Scripture forbids the ordination of women, but whether Scripture positively prescribes their ordination.”

Evaluating the Work of General Synod Gordon Girod

“It has always required great courage to dare to declare that one wills to be free from all influences which militate against the Word of God! It is easier to let the commonly esteemed and recognized ‘greats’ of our day determine just how we shall think, just what we shall accept and what we shall reject.”

Persevere! John H. Piersma

February 1966

“Christians should not be surprised when our sophisticated world angrily rejects this witness about the all-inclusive authority of our Lord. It will certainly not swallow anything that is basically at odds with its proud faith in the humanistic idea of man’s inalienable right of self-determination. After all, the slightest admission on the part of modern man that he is dependent on his Maker strikes at the very root of humanism which boldly imagines that man is autonomous, sovereign and self-sufficient.”

Must Christians Form Power Organizations? Gerald Vandezande

“Jesus – God and man – has been revealed to us as the miracle of miracles, and this supreme miracle can not be explained in terms of modern methodology.”

The Historical Jesus Simon Kistemaker

March 1966

“The advocates of the ‘God is Dead’ theology are hardly in a position to identify the corpus delecti of the historic Christian faith because they never knew Him to begin with.”

Whose God Is Dead? Rein Leestma

“Apart from the doctrine of hell it is not only impossible to show men clearly the consequences of sin but it is also impossible to shut men up clearly to the absolute indispensability of the righteousness of Christ.”

Why Preach on Hell? Ronald Brown

April 1966

“[A] wrong attitude toward the Psalms, if not checked by an intelligent appreciation of their real character and value, will ultimately lead as it already has in several denominations to the abandonment of the Psalter as the book of praise.”

* * * * *

“The trend of modern hymnbooks is largely toward the

over-emphasis of the subjective experience at the expense of the objective foundation. Even those churches which do not use the hymns, often show the same tendency by the people’s manner of picking and choosing among the Psalms.”

Ashamed of the Tents of Shem? Johannes G. Vos

“…we not only have a revolt against authority, we have people in authority who refuse to accept the responsibility of authority.”

* * * * *

“…religious rebels are afraid to accept the consequences of their position, they don’t want to start new institutions, they want to take over old institutions.”

Christian Atheism and the Churches Dale Francis

May–June 1966

“Human logic has at least two limitations – the limitation of finiteness and that of being darkened by sin. That man is to be pitied whose reach of faith stops with the humanly comprehensible.”

Election and Human Responsibility Johanna Timmer

July–August 1966

“Instead of using our Psalter Hymnal…many are using other hymnals and song books, some decidedly Arminian in words and music. By the use of these we are developing a taste for the more simple subjective type of religious hymns and losing taste for the truly God-centered Reformed hymns.”

The Great Influenceof Song and Music Cecil W. Tuininga

“When Neo-orthodoxy sets aside the historic creeds and turn to the Holy Spirit to guide them…they want to be free from the living God who speaks in the Scriptures, and to make man the end and goal of things.”

Theology or Christ-A False Antithesis Cecil W. Tuininga

September 1966

“…it is precisely the inability of idols to do anything that marks them as idols….A ‘God’ that does nothing is nothing.”

Funeral on the Campus Edward Heerema

“One cannot sin against God except he use the good gifts God provides and the holy offices to which He calls us in a way and for a purpose that is contrary to God’s intention.”

The Identity of Satan Richard R. De Ridder

“…devastating to the whole system of Christian Education is the home that uses the school as an end in itself. The parent must never say that Christian Education is a substitute for his work. Rather he must see it as a supplement.”

Are Our Christian Schools in Danger Jerome Julien

November 1966

“What shall we preach in the twentieth century? Shall the church accommodate itself to such questions as may be raised by the scientist, the economist and the politician? Or shall we continue to preach the gospel, as from time immemorial: the sin of man, his need of a Savior and the life of gratitude?”

* * * * *

“If you were to come upon a hobo in the train yards…and he were to say to you, ‘I do not believe in God,’ you would pay him no heed. Perhaps you would say to yourself, ‘What more could one expect from this kind of man?’ Again, if you were to come upon a derelict in a doorway…and he were to say to you, ‘I do not believe in God.’ you would not be surprised or confused or troubled. Ah, but when a college professor tells you he does not believe in God, you are awed by his learning. Paul’s point is simply this: Unless the Spirit of God speaks to the college professor’s heart, he knows no more about God than does the drunk or the derelict.”

Research, Reason or Revelation Gordon Girod

December 1966

“To accommodate the gospel to people’s feelings and prejudices is to emasculate the gospel.”

Unoffensively Offensive Edwin H. Palmer

“The unregenerate scientist is bound to go astray from ultimate truth. The regenerate scientist may go astray from ultimate truth. This is not to say that the regenerate scientist cannot discover truth from nature; it is only to affirm that the truth he discovers from nature is relative and provisional, lacking the absolute and final character of truth derived from Scripture.”

The Bearing of Scriptural Revelation on the Evolutionary World View Johannes G. Vos