Sound Bites Torch and Trumpet 1965

January 1965

“Conservatism is conserving today what was progressivism a quarter of a century ago.”

A Choice, Not an Echo Edwin H. Palmer

“…basic to sound child training, to missions, to educational theory and practice, yes to all of life, is sound theology.”

Hypostatic Thinking Edward Heerema

“It cannot be said of North American evangelical Christians that they have exerted themselves very actively in the public areas of national life.”

* * * * *

“Among Christians criticism must be possible for we all subject ourselves to the one Word which is our first and final guide in charting our path through the jungle of problems we face.”

Aspects of Christian Social Ethics Bernard Zylstra

“…when believers of the infallible Word exchange ideas amongst each other about evolution they cannot seriously discuss whether man has descended from animals.”

What About Evolution Russell W. Maatman

February 1965

“The present trend of countless church musicians to use and condone a style of music no longer unique in its style and mood and which flaunts tradition can only bring musical chaos.”

Our Utmost for His Highest James De Jonge

“Never should we send up theological “trial balloons,” thereby leading others down a road the end of which we ourselves have not thoroughly examined. Let us encourage theological study; but beware of theological drifting.”

Covenantal Awareness George Gritter

March 1965

“Struggle is one of the chief characteristics of the church of all ages. This is not so much the struggle for survival, since we have the promise, “Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world.” It is rather a struggle for purity of doctrine and life within the church.”

Our Call to Freedom in a Time of Crisis August De Berdt

“All the good showered on this world, dispensed by Christ in the exercise of His exalted lordship, is related to the death of Christ and accrues to man in one way or another from the death of Christ. If so, it was designed to accrue from the death of Christ. Since many of these blessings fall short of salvation and are enjoyed by many who never become possessors of salvation, we must say that the design of Christ’s death is more inclusive than the blessings that belong specifically to the atonement.”

* * * * *

“The benefit was only temporary and greater guilt devolves upon the person from the fact that he participated in it and then came to count the blood by which it was conveyed an unholy thing.”

The Free Offer of the Gospel and the Extent of the Atonement John Murray

“There can be no intellectual reason for rejecting the record of the Bible. The matter is basically spiritual. One can humbly bow before God and place faith in Him who created the universe and is absolutely qualified to give us answers, or one can sinfully resist Him and place faith in man by listening to those who are unregenerate sinners, who hate God, and who refuse to give Him a place in their scientific methodology and therefore have no foothold but their own prejudiced minds.”

Does Science Contradict the Scriptures Davis A. Young

April 1965

“There is the danger of ‘suspicionism’ if I may coin a word. It is the attitude of finding, or at least looking for a heretic behind every shrub in the ecclesiastical garden and of placing the worst possible construction on every sound that issues from a suspect.

An Aroused Laity R. B. Kuiper

May – June 1965

“There is much to say for the separation of church and state, but nothing to say for the separation of the state from God.”

Duality and Ethics Carl F. H. Henry

July – August 1965

“Strange as it may seem to the outsider, the believing community finds itself repeatedly rent with contradictory convictions and conduct. Some argue vehemently that we can be faithful to Christ in matters political and social only by adopting the conservative platform. Others are equally insistent that obedience to God demands the liberal response. The former appeal to God’s leadings in history that have provided patterns for a kind of stability, justice and order so sorely needed in an apostate world. The latter urge us to open our eyes to the painful reality that every human response stands under God’s judgment and requires ongoing reformation.

Where the Lines Should Be Drawn Peter Y. De Jong

October 1965

“As reformed people we hate the very idea of separation. It is the duty of every church member to stay in his church as long as he can, but on one condition only: he has to be constantly engaged in the task of reforming his church. He has to fight the good fight of faith in his church, without hesitation and without compromise. If the church refuses to listen to him but forces the one compromise after the other upon him, the time will come when a child of God must leave his church. This is not ‘separatism.’ In itself it has nothing to do with ‘pride, intolerance and personal aggressiveness.’ It is simply a matter of obedience and duty.”

Ecumenicity and Separation Klaas Runia

November 1965

“The world’s greatest need is a Redeemer, not a better philosophy. The world doesn’t need a new morality nearly as much as a new life. Our greatest need is not reformation but regeneration.”

* * * * *

“It seems to me that one reason the church has been so ineffective in dealing with the plight of men is that she, herself, has lost faith in the redeeming power of Christ.”

Rise Up, Ye Men of God! John Engbers

December 1965

“I fear very much that a good deal of our religion is of custom, form, and superstition. I fear very much that we are motivated by something other than a desire to be saved and to be made like Jesus Christ in worship and life.

“The Desire of All Nations” John R. De Witt

“A faith that is content to be a mere subjective feeling will not likely see the need for holding to orthodox positions.”

“He That Cometh” Martin H. Woudstra