Sound Bites Torch and Trumpet 1962

January 1962

“It may be argued that legal divorce is more honest than hidden separation. However, that does not justify divorce. It is not the proper solution to ‘unbearable’ situations. The proper solution is a return to God and the righteousness of His precepts.”

Ichabod! Nicholas J. Monsma

“Our first concern has been and must continue to be with the torch of truth, specifically Reformed truth. And it is a torch we hold in our hand, not a tiny birthday cake candle. It is a flame, not a flicker. The more light the better.”

With Torch and Trumpet Leonard Greenway

“It’s bad that much Christian writing isn’t literature. It’s far worse that much, if not most, of what is recognized as literature isn’t Christian.”

Reading Maketh a Full Man Peter Y. De Jong

February 1962

“It cannot be denied that meditation has almost become a lost art among Christian people today. The rush of modern life has almost extinguished the desire for ‘the quiet hour’ and made its observance difficult. Our spiritual life is superficial because we do not take the time to think and to read; for he who does not read does not think.”

The Sabbath a Day for Retreat Henry J. Kuiper

“…if the only purpose of the Creation account is to tell us that GOD is the Creator, then what is the value of the rest of the account? Why does not the record simply stop at the end of Genesis 1:1 which gives us this information quite adequately?”

* * * * *

“According to theistic evolution, the divine purpose of evolution was the ultimate creation and redemption of man. How then was it necessary to spend aeons of time in a tortuous drama of evolution to accomplish this purpose?”

The Bible and Theistic Evolution Henry M. Morris

March 1962

“Ever since sin entered the world it has been man’s desire to be able to possess without working, to get without giving, to eat without sweating.”

Something for Nothing John J. Byker

“A good house requires solid doors and a good home calls for parental discipline. So also the church that would have healthy members needs the discipline of the Confessions.”

Ecclesiastical Antiques Henry De Wolf

April 1962

“True Christian liberty springs only from the life of grace and faith in Jesus Christ (new cloth). It cannot be combined, even in a small part, with the old garment of self-gratification of any sort. This lib-erty is designed solely for God’s glory and the neighbor’s salvation.” New Patch – Old Garment? Andrew Cammenga

July–August 1962

“…ecumenism of the lowest common doctrinal denominator type is at odds with Jesus’ prayer for unity. It would contravene that prayer. Jesus did not pray that His disciples might agree on a few doctrines and agree to disagree on many others.”

* * * *

“…evangelicals must venture to teach one another and condescend to learn from one another. To regulate differences to the limbo of the non-essential or to ridicule them as hair-splitting is at complete variance with true ecumenism.” The Unity for Which Jesus Prayed R. B. Kuiper “Calvinism has never shied away from embracing both divine sovereignty and human responsibility, though irreconcilable in human logic.”

Psychologizing Luther and Calvin Theodore J. Jansma