Sound Bites The Outlook – 1978

January 1978

“It is tragic to see how some Christians grab frantically at every new approach that comes down the pike. Among other things, this shows that those who do so are weak biblically and theologically or that they have learned to do exegesis and theology abstractly and do not know how to use the fruits of such studies in application to every day problems of living and in counseling.”

Transactional Analysis Jay Adams

“The increasingly total confusion about everything a Christian ought to believe and do…is the direct result of compromising and retreating from taking the Bible on its own claims and terms.”

Gospel Riches and Church Poverty Peter De Jong

“No doubt The Outlook will become the new church paper. [I] would like to see it changed from a monthly to a biweekly.”

About a “United Reformed Church” John Vander Ploeg

February 1978

“Any excursion by science beyond the observable facts must rely on theory and is thus open to question.”

* * * * *

“We can accept the methods and claims of science only as long as they do not contradict the higher authority of Scripture. When such conflicts occur, we must humbly submit our thoughts to God’s Word.”

Science and Truth John Byl

April 1978

“The present CRC apathy to the increasing erosion of our former staunch and vigorous commitment to the Reformed faith, together with open and ever bolder attacks upon it are nothing less than appalling.”

* * * * *

“Pity those who are always vocal among the critics of the church but are never found among the builders.”

* * * * *

“There is much in the PR churches that we highly esteem. Our unresolved differences should not keep us from praying and working for the ideal of a truly United Reformed Church.”

* * * * *

“A United Reformed Church should begin by exploring the convictions they do have in common without demanding that the first order of business must be a reconsideration and resolving of controversies of a bygone day.”

That “United Reformed Church” – an Ongoing Challenge John Vander Ploeg

May 1978

“The church is a therapeutichealing community, but not because it has mastered the latest proce-dures of behavior modification theory. It heals because it shares the love of God with people who cannot live without love.”

Religion as Therapy Fred P. Thompson

June 1978

“Recently at church, a good friend drew me aside and said, ‘The United Reformed Church is an old man’s movement.’ Then he added that he himself was going on eighty-five and that he had no more fight left in him. A bit doggedly I countered by stating my conviction that the URC is God’s movement.”

That URC – A Look Around Us John Vander Ploeg

July 1978

“…in many cases neither the attackers of tradition nor the maintainers of it have really been going back to the Bible which is supposed to be our authority for faith and life.” Does Our Use of the Bible Determine Its Authority? Peter De Jong “There never will be a ‘United Reformed Church’ of the kind you envision. It wasn’t there in Paul’s day; John didn’t find it among the seven churches of Asia Minor, and we won’t find it today. Simply because we won’t find perfection on this side of heaven.”

A United Reformed Church Jelle Tuininga

October 1978

“Unbiblical decisions are the natural result of tolerance.”

What is “Progress”? Laurie Vanden Heuvel

November 1978

“The church has lost the ability to respect the local autonomy of the churches and the ability to hear the conscientious protests of her children.”

More About Quotas John J. Byker

December 1978

“The same prayer of our Lord that stresses unity among His people stipulates that it is a unity in His truth.”

* * * * *

“If division should come because of loyalty to the gospel of Christ, weshould not seek to evade that kind ofdivision. Those who are to blame for the real division in the church which is coming to expression are those who are betraying its gospel.”

Response to a Letter to the Editor Peter De Jong