Sound Bites The Outlook – 1977

January 1977

“Once we begin to fiddle-faddle with the inspiration and inerrancy of all the Bible, we will begin to question Adam and Eve, Paradise and the Fall, or the withering of the fig tree, or the destruction of Jericho, or the resurrection of the saints at the crucifixion of Jesus, or Paul’s instruction about women, and on and on. There is nothing no objective criterion at all – to hold a man back from denying the miracles, virgin birth, vicarious atonement, and resurrection of Jesus.”

De Koster Versus Lindsell Edwin H. Palmer

“Satan is too cunning to fulminate in a diatribe against Bible Study as such. No, but he is clever enough to keep the church members busy with everything else that there is simply no time left for it.”

This We Will Do, D.V. John Vander Ploeg

February 1977

“This New Hermeneutic already began in Paradise when the serpent said to Eve, ‘Yea, hath God said…’”

* * * * *

“Historical criticism always assumes the possibility that man today can interpret better than the writer the reality of what he said.”

The Historical Critical Method Peter De Jong

“How distorted the judgment of church assemblies when they protect the reputation of a human being at the expense of maintaining fully the pure teaching of God’s Word, the purity of the church, and the honor of God Himself.”

“That We Might Be Like That…” Johanna Timmer

July 1977

“Suppose that out of all the tensions, all in God’s gracious providence, a new denomination would emerge – a denomination that would not shilly-shally in its witness to the Reformed faith; but a church that would rather be unambiguous, consistent, and enthusiastic in the profession of it …. Just suppose that some day God would be pleased to grant this … allow me then to suggest as a name, that it be called the United Reformed Church.”

A United Reformed Church John Vander Ploerg

September 1977

“We are working in the training of our children not as isolated family units but as a community of believers in the training of His children!”

Education that is Christian Garrett H. Stoutmeyer

October 1977

“The institutional church is the instrument through which God brings His kingdom to pass. And that means that it is incumbent on every office-bearer to serve faithfully in the Church of Christ so that the fruit of his labors will be the manifestation of Christ’s body at work – both within and outside of the the institutional church.”

For Elders and Deacons Harry G. Arnold

November 1977

“Immediately after the secession of 1834 in the Netherlands a controversy arose regarding a subject that can be characterized as ‘much ado about nothing.’ It was known as the question regarding ‘Het Ambtsgewaard’ – what kind of ministerial robe or garment should a minister wear? Such decisions, it seems to me, should be left entirely to the judgment of the pastor himself. There is one garment, however, which should be in the wardrobe of every preacher and to be worn not only on Sunday, but every day of the week. The Lord of the church through His apostle Peter commands its use, saying ‘Be clothed with humility; for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.” Let’s just leave the strutting to the peacocks!”

The Insignificance of the Minister Frank De Jong

December 1977

“I know that a Reformed church must press forward and constantly be reforming; otherwise she is no longer true to her call and purpose. But I also know that if the foundations are abandoned and if the breaches are left unrepaired, destruction will follow, for God’s blessing does not rest upon an unfaithful or a spiritually complacent people.”

Repairing the Breaches Marvin Van Donselaar