Sound Bites The Outlook – 1976

January 1976

“Instead of asking what we can do to make worship more exciting, we ought to be asking what worship is all about. We ought to be seeking to know the Biblical principles of worship.”

* * * * *

“Many who for years have tried all kinds of additions and changes changes that range all the way from intense ritual to a religious vaudeville, so to speak – are finding them to be without significance and, therefore, without spiritual benefit.”

The Sacrifice of Praise Jerome M. Julien

February 1976

“…when we view worship as a Covenantal experience, humility reminds us that we do not come into God’s presence and offer the first word. God speaks to us first. God has the first word.”

The Sacrifice of Praise Jerome M. Julien

March 1976

“…anyone teaching at Calvin may enjoy academic freedom to his heart’s content – but only within the framework of the Bible as God’s Word and our confessional standards as expressing our persuasion. Anyone who might regard this as a straitjacket to which he is unwilling to be confined should be honest enough to realize that he has no other freedom except to leave and go elsewhere.”

* * * * *

“We don’t only want questions at Calvin, we also want answers.”

Centennial Challenge for “Onze School” John Vander Ploeg

“…too many Christians lack the knowledge necessary to articulate clearly a Biblical position against prevailing sins and destructive ideologies. The average American Christian lacks the Biblical knowledge, and consequently the ability, to tell the neighbor across the back fence why abortion is wrong. The average American Christian lacks the Biblical knowledge and consequently the ability to tell a fellow bowler in his league why pornography on screen or page should be punished to name just two of the blights which plague us.”

Feed My Lambs Laurie Vanden Heuvel

April 1976

“…we are still in the militant church. God has blessed faithful and obedient work in the past and He will continue to do so in the future. We are called to faithfulness and obedience, and anything less than that will not receive Divine approval.”

Events and Trends Henry Vander Kam

May 1976

“Everyone of us is a teacher. If we are silent about the things of the Lord, we are still teaching – teaching indifference or hostility to the things of the Lord.”

Feed My Lambs Laurie Vanden Heuvel

June 1976

“There is no place for draft dodgers in the militant church of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

It’s Our Battle Too John Vander Ploeg

August 1976

“We accept the authority and inspiration of Scripture because of loyalty to Jesus, not primarily because the church taught it for nineteen centuries.”

Two Words Fred Van Houten

September 1976 

“Office-bearers who do the will of Christ revealed in Scripture are really means in the hand of the Master. They exercise authority in the church in such a way that Christ really rules through them.”

For Elders and Deacons Harry G. Arnold

October 1976

“Though we really don’t like to think so, deep down inside, we are conformists by nature. It’s a conformist’s world, and we are always imitating people. So it takes a concerted effort to pattern our life after One who is not of this world.

Imitators of God Harlan G. Vanden Einde

November 1976

“God doesn’t ask you to understand Him, but to follow Him and trust in His promise day by day.”

In the School of Patience John Blankespoor

December 1976

“The church in her witness to the world in this century needs members grounded in the Word, committed to the truth of the Reformed Faith, and convinced that ‘the fervent prayer of a righteous man availed much.’”

Year’s-End Challenge Arthur Besteman

“The average church member in America today each week gives the equivalent of a pack of Life-Savers to getting God’s Life-Saving Message around the world.”

Our Question Box Leonard Greenway