Sound Bites The Outlook – 1975

January 1975

“To remain reformed is important. But it is not easy. It is far easier to drift away from the full-orbed view of God and the world.”

To Remain Reformed Peter De Boer

“I’m afraid that, by and large, modern preaching has not just done away with the old fashioned language, but also with the old fashioned message.”

Religionless Christianity Cornelis Pronk

March 1975

“If we spend more time in trying to decide how to do something than we spend in the doing of it, then we may be guilty of majoring in minors, or to put it differently, of ‘sitting on the premises’ rather than ‘standing on the promises’”.

* * * * *

“There is much of Christianity today which consists of hollowness rather than holiness.”

Majoring in Minors Harlan G. Vanden Einde

April 1975

“Sometimes we commiserate with those who suffer in like fashion as we do, but we never get beyond the point of talking about the suffering itself. Paul did not stop at the point of the ‘thorn,’ but went on to speak of its purpose in his life, and the benefit he derived from it.”

Power in Weakness Harlan G. Vanden Einde

“The key of warding off depression is this: Do not follow your feelings when you know that you have a responsibility to fulfill. Instead, you must act against your feelings to do what you know God wants you to do, whether you feel like it or not.”

How to Overcome Depression Jay E. Adams

May 1975

“Letting the practice of our churches and the changing customs of the times decide what the Bible is to teach us on this point seems to set aside the authority of the Bible in much the same way Roman Catholics and Modernists do.”

Women’s Lib in the CRC Peter De Jong

“It is not sin to contend for the faith (Jude 3); it is a sin to be contentious. It is not a sin to ask that God’s Word be preached in truth and purity; it is a sin to be proud, arrogant, or to think that we are saved by pure doctrine.”

Keynote Address at Theological Convention J. A. O. Preus

August 1975

“The Bible is God’s saving revelation – intended to save man. In itself, it remains that, even if man rejects it.”

On the Love of God Jelle Tuininga

September 1975

“Today we have an excessive preoccupation with church methods, programs, and machinery to the neglect of the basic message of Christianity and the systematic and consistent proclamation of that message.”

Our Question Box Leonard Greenway

November 1975

“We do not want controversy just for controversy’s sake. However, we know full well that controversy for the faith is a sign of life. There is no controversy at the cemetery, the city of the dead.”

* * * * *

“Of an apostate denomination averse to controversy and sorely in need of a showdown, someone once made the discerning observation: You can’t split rotten wood!”

For All This We Thank Him John Vander Ploeg