Sound Bites The Outlook – 1974

January 1974

“One of the real dangers when facing this problem is that we will seek solutions which we will learn to regret. History ought to teach us a few things. Various ‘gimmicks’ have been used to increase attendance in some churches. Of course, they failed. The church, the body of Christ, the pillar and ground of the truth, has but one commodity to ‘sell,’ i.e., the Word! God’s people will come to hear His Word. Soul-hunger has to be satisfied with the ‘bread of life’. No other food satisfies.”

The Second Service Henry Vander Kam

“When you turn from preaching to something else you will find yourself undergoing a constant series of changes. You’ll be forever looking for something new as the new of the previous month soon becomes another habit.”

What Greater Excitement Can One Have Johan D. Tangelder

February 1974

“History proves that apostasy infiltrates so gradually and subtly that the majority do not recognize it until it is too late to do anything about it.”

Secession or Polarization? John Vander Ploeg

April 1974

“We play with fire at the peril of our lives. To trifle with the fire of God’s Word is to run a risk that is infinitely greater.”

How to Rekindle the Fire John Vander Ploeg

“Anyone not willing to become informed cannot expect to be or become Reformed.”

Polarization in the CRC John Vander Ploeg

May 1974

“If women want equal rights, they must figure on losing their unequal privileges. If they enter what was always man’s sphere, men will no longer treat them as women.”

Equal Rights? Johanna Timmer

July 1974

“When the fires of heresy are kindled in the church, why is it that those who sound the alarm are charged as being the culprits rather than those who are guilty of this kind of arson?”

Where Are We Going? Peter De Jong

September 1974

“The thought was thrown out that eventually, by the sovereign grace of Him whose guidance we will implore, that the outcome of all of this might even prove to be a United Reformed Church in the United States and Canada.”

A Dream, A Response, and a Request John Vander Ploeg

October 1974

“One of the major difficulties with modern education is that it does not consider God an issue of consequence.”

God is The Issue Johan Tangelder

November 1974

“Remove the miracles from the Bible and you have done away with all of its supporting pillars.” Smorgasbord Christianity Peter De Jong “The question is not whether one joins in the expression of some kind of thanksgiving; but rather, is God acknowledged as the Giver, and do we see the centrality of the cross of Jesus Christ in the midst of the ‘things’ for which we are grateful.”

Thanksgiving and “Things” Harlan Vanden Einde