Sound Bites The Outlook – 1973

January 1973

“All the consistorial meetings in the world are no substitute for person-to-person contacts to which the elders are called by the Lord”

Guidance for Elders and Deacons Peter Y. De Jong

February–March 1973

“In many areas of the church today we have lost that sensitiveness to the truth and to the presence of the enemies of the truth.”

* * * * *

“…we have allowed our Reformed ears to become dull in hearing, our Reformed eyes blurred in seeing, and our Reformed mouths inarticulate, if not indeed, actually silent.”

Some Missing Notes in Contemporary Christianity Leonard Greenway

“The whole creative work of God moved in the direction of man as its culminating point, and it is hard to see, why He should retard the attainment of His end a hundred thousand years or more.”

The Creation Record -Strictly Literal! Jan De Vries

April 1973

“In our day also the church and the cause of our Lord are so sorely in need of stouthearted reformers brave enough to endure the disfavor of others whose chief concern is to be in the mainstream of modern ‘Christendom’ whether it be in the way of truth or error.”

* * * * *

“A bona fide conservative worthy of the name is always progressive, but he knows also that if he ever goes along in order to get along; and if, in so doing , he ever yields an inch of holy ground, then he is succumbing to retrogression and even guilty of treason to his risen Lord and His glorious cause.”

Freedom From Fear John Vander Ploeg

“In these days of togetherness when all men should be brothers regardless of creed, when we hear so much about dialogue with the Buddhist and the Mohammedan, it is hard to write, even for a Christian, about the message of the Scriptures. There is plenty of good news in the Bible, but there is never any flattery or back scratching.”

We Could Use Some More Dogmatists Johan D. Tangelder

May 1973

“If we go to church in the morning or second service, to ‘hear the minister’ we will certainly not benefit spiritually. We should instead go to church to hear ‘the Word of God,’ and we will certainly find that God uses even ‘dull’ ministers to instruct us from the Bible.”

Our Whole Outlook on Second Service is Incorrect H. Nymeyer