Sound Bites – 1990

January 1990

“As a denomination slides into liberalism, the method often used by pastors is to garble the message so that the unsuspecting do not catch the drift.”

Sharpened Expression Thomas Vanden Heuvel

“As believers we must be prepared and unashamed to make our confession of faith before the world, however unpopular and unwelcome that may be in a world committed to only one absolute that there are no absolutes!”

The Unbroken Chain Cornelis P. Venema

February 1990

“Nowhere in the Scriptures will you find mention of the kingdom of grey.”

Two Kingdoms – A Lesson in Discernment Robert Van Manen

“The praise of God must be guided by God’s own Word.”

Reforming the Church’s Singing W. Robert Godfrey

March 1990

“The church which does not covenantally hate that which her king hates, is on a disastrous course.”

Is “Christian Hatred” a Contradiction? Jelle Tuininga

May 1990

“Pentecost is the most misunderstood feast because of its highly internal nature. It is uniquely subjective. Christmas proclaims to the living church, ‘God with us’; Easter, ‘God for us’; Pentecost, ‘God in us.’”

Pentecost: Filled With the Holy Ghost Joel R. Beeke

“The antithesis is not between Christ and culture, Christ and art, Christ and music, Christ and science and the rest. The antithesis is between Christ and the devil.”

Christian Education – a Perspective or a Topping Laurie Vanden Heuvel

September 1990

“If we have a secession, it must be forward-looking, seeking to minister the Word of God to a fallen world.”

Hard Choices W. Robert Godfrey

October 1990

“Reformation is made up of stuff called rebirth and repentance.”

Ingredients for Reformation Today J. Mark Beach

“We have grown ignorant of our own creeds and no longer understand how to apply them.”

What is Reformed Christian Education? Norman De Jong