Sound Bites – 1986

January 1986

“Long ago … Uzziah held out his hand to steady the ark. He only wanted to give the Lord a little help, but was struck dead for his improper help …. We may not play lightly with the Lord’s designated methods of saving souls. Don’t say, “A little help is OK.”

De Koster on Report 44 Peter De Jong

“If parents do not take their Christianity absolutely seriously, why should they expect any more form their children? … The blame for a lack of commitment on the part of their youth, is not on the church or school, but squarely, on the home.”

S.W.I.M. – 25 Years Later Ivan Mulder

February 1986

“It is very important to realize that the Muslim religious tradition not only denies the crucifixion of the Messiah, but the necessity of redemption.”

Rethinking Missions Today Bassam M. Madany

March 1986

“Just as we must make our stand against those who would take away from Scripture, so we must be careful that nothing be added to it.” * * * * *

“It has become not uncommon to find instances of Christian scientists allowing less room for theories of theistic evolution than their theologian counterparts.”

A Creation Creed David A. Kloosterman

“Do not accuse those of splitting the church who hold to the historical interpretation of Scriptures; who believe all the articles of the Belgic Confession; and who hold to the Church Order! The danger does not come from this source. I have thought about this matter for a long time and hesitate to say it, but it must be said: THE SYNOD OF 1984 SPLIT THE CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH! Splitting the church is not something future, it is in the past tense – it has already happened!”

Whither the CRC? Henry Vander Kam

July/August 1986

“Today [our] doctrinal foundation is being displaced within our churches by appeals to human experience, with that experience being used as a basis for criticizing doctrine. What is being forgotten is that defective experience results from defective doctrine, and that our experience must be evaluated, channeled and directed by God’s Word.”

Our Heritage, Predicament and Future Peter De Jong

October 1986

“When we claim biblical authority for teachings which say exactly the reverse of what the WORDS of the Bible say, we are being most essentially the opposite of Reformed. When we acquiesce to such teachings with the excuse that they have been approved by church councils and synods, we are being the opposite of reformational. Church councils can no more make a woman into a man than they can create purgatory or release a soul from the same by the sale of indulgence. What the church says, it says ONLY by and with the authority of God speaking in the words of the Bible.”

The Problem is the Bible Robert Grossman