Sound Bites 1983

January 1983

“Israel’s only hope is the same hope offered to the Greek, the Dutchman, the American. That hope is in the gospel of Jesus Christ alone.”

Israel in Retrospect Jonathan B. Falk

“Those who accept the authority of ‘science’ over that of Scripture have not understood God’s grand scheme of His revelation to man. Understanding that gives us a clear direction of how to understand Genesis 1-3 as well.”

Out of Concern for the CRC Harry J. Bout

February 1983

“The church of Jesus Christ is really the church of the future. She lives by this principle and in this hope. And as soon as she loses this anticipation of the Lord’s return she has become conformed to the world and has lost the character of the church of Christ.”

As in the Days of Noah John Blankespoor

April 1983

“There is a kind of ecumenicity that knows no bounds. It will not rest until all people of good will sing in the mighty chorus of the brotherhood of love, never mind the unique claims of Christ to be the way, the truth, and the life.”

The Road to Christian Unity Marten H. Woudstra

May 1983

“The introduction of new liturgy and litany will not supply the need of the congregation to hear God’s Word proclaimed. Neither are the needs met by special music, nor by dances, no matter how graceful they may be. If these are introduced in effort to capture the attention of the audience and to enlarge the diminishing number of worshippers, they are really a denial of the central role God assigned to His Word.”

The Church and Worship Hans Kloosterman

June 1983

“If secession should one day become the case, which God forbid, no one will be able to say the Reformed Fellowship men did not give ample warning. Study shows that during the last thirty years they have faithfully sounded the alarm.”

The Message of the Torch and Trumpet and of The Outlook Hans Overduin

July 1983

“That children must be taught at an early age by the church is important. That Sunday School can serve as such a means, few will question. But that they leave a church service for this is definitely wrong. It is a violation of God’s clear call for households to appear before Him.”

Toward Full Participation Cecil Tuininga

August 1983

“Separation of church and state has come to be interpreted as separation of God and state. In our present ‘enlightened’ age, it is considered outdated to uphold God as sovereign over the entire universe, and the Bible as infallible, authoritative and ultimate guide and rule for that universe; and that every person is a sinner in need of God’s salvation. Such underlying principles are viewed as degrading and ultimately stand in the way of selfish human ambitions and endeavors.”

Separation of God and State Myron D. Rau

October 1983

“Seminaries can easily go astray if their professors do not establish the proper relationship between general knowledge and sacred knowledge, or in other words, the proper relationship between information that is gathered from the world and information that is given to us in the Bible.”

Will Mid-America Reformed Seminary Do Better than Harvard and Yale? Timothy Monsma

December 1983

“What concerns me is the increasing number of people who define the essence of conservatism with superficial criteria, quite apart from any principle or confessional standards.”

Contemporary Conservatism John R. Sittema