PRM International: Talking Scriptures for those who must HEAR

About 500 years ago, when the printing press was a recent invention, Martin Luther and other reformers “jumped” on it and God revived His church with the Reformation! Now we are the first generation in all of human history since Adam and Eve to have the cassette tape as a way to give God’s Word to the millions of non-readers in His world! May God give us the vision to see non-readers in every language listening to God speak to them through Scripture cassettes!



In June of 1994, the synod of the Christian Reformed Church recognized this and endorsed Portable Recording Ministries (PRM) International (PRM-I) as an agency recommended for financial support in 1995. PRM-I was “born” in Holland, Michigan at the request of missionaries in 1967, to use timely technology to give the Bible to non-readers. Since then, God has raised up Scripture recording and cassette distributing facilities in Nairobi, Kenya; Bangaiore, India; Singapore; Dhaka, Bangladesh and elsewhere. Scriptures have been recorded and hundreds of thousands of Scripture cassettes, hand-cranked players, solar panels to power the players, rechargeable batteries (using the panel) and the like are made available if needed as a not-for profit ministry. A (13 minute) video which gives a glimpse of the work in Nairobi, Bangalore, Dhaka and Singapore is available at no charge.

In behalf of the millions of people in the world who cannot read, we are currently seeking one person in each congregation to be a volunteer partner to help us. If the Lord is laying this on the heart of any reader, please tell us! We have projects available for congregations and foundations too, so thank God for the development of Scripture cassettes and equipment, and pray for the millions of non-readers who must yet hear God speak to their hearts through Scripture cassettes!

Rev. Lloyd Wolters is a retired CRC minister and a volunteer representative for Portable Recording Ministries.