Please, a Frank Talk With You

Volume I, Number 6 of Torch and Trumpet is in your hands. This means that our magazine is now one year old, since it appears every two months.

Has the magazine proved its worth? Has it expressed the sense of mission for the Reformed Faith that we, its sponsors, stated in the first issue? Has Torch and Trumpet lived up to the expectations and hopes of its publishers that it might be a clear and effective mouthpiece for the faith we love and profess?

These questions we must ask ourselves as we look forward to more years of life for our magazine in God’s good providence. What shall we say in reply to these questions?



In reply to these questions we would like to say first of all that we have not waited until now to ask ourselves these questions. The Reformed Fellowship, Inc., publishers of Torch and Trumpet, have wrestled with the burden of these questions all through the past year. In all earnest, ness we wish to say to our readers that we meant business when we declared our mission from the start to be the promotion of the interests of the Reformed Faith in clear, vigorous language that is both true to the faith we love and profess and in touch with the world in which we live today.

Throughout the past year we have been tremendously encouraged by the many kind words written and spoken about our effort. Naturally we were pleased to get such an unfailingly cordial reaction to the appearance of the magazine. Readers have frequently spoken of the periodical as “the most beautiful magazine” they have seen. Many readers have told us that they are proud to have this beautiful magazine gracing their living room.

But we are especially encouraged by the response to the comments of the magazine. By the response we have received from our readers we are encouraged to believe that at least ill some measure Torch and Trumpet has lived up to the main reason for its coming into being. From all over the United States and Canada and from abroad have come warm expressions of congratulations upon the clear-cut and positive manner in which Torch and Trumpet has raised its voice for our great faith.

We cannot of course begin to print the many messages of encouragement that we have received. Here we present just two, one from abroad and one from “home,” The English Churchman and St. James Chronicle, in its issue of August 3, 1951, welcomed our magazine with these words: “We offer a welcome to this new magazine, the first two copies of which are to hand. It is attractively produced and will edify and instruct thoughtful Christians.”

Letters like the following from the “man in the pew” have been a source of inspiration to us: ‘“In the hope that you may keep up your noble work begun last year for many years to come, and that you may make intensified attempts in making an impact upon our denominational thinking, we hereby submit humbly and with some measure of pride a new subscriber for Torch and Trumpet.”

In the first issue we declared that our magazine was not intended to compete with or to replace any existing magazine, since it was our belief that Torch and Trumpet had a mission and program quite different from any other magazine. We have been pleased to note that our readers have recognized the uniqueness of our magazine.

Torch and Trumpet has sought to bring you a stimulating variety of articles written by men who in many instances are recognized as authorities in the world of Reformed thought and action and by men who in many instances are pastors living close to the hearts of God’s people. This combination of talents and sympathies has reflected itself in the articles and has prompted a gratifying response.

We, the publishers of Torch and Trumpet, believe the verdict of the first year is—Go Forward. We believe the times are such that this voice must continue to speak with clarity and with the reassuring finality that comes from God’s sovereign Word. Our earnest prayer is that God may grant us the wisdom, the perseverance and all other needed graces to perform this mission to His glory.

Again we invite you to join us in this crusade. Be sure to renew your subscription promptly. Speak for the magazine. Let your friends see your copy. They not try to get your friends to subscribe? They will thank you for it. Remember Torch and Trumpet at gift-giving time. Pray for our magazine.

To all those who have helped us in the past year, whether by gift, encouraging word or helpful criticism, we express our deepest gratitude. To every subscriber we extend anew the glad hand of fellowship in the bond of our rich Calvinistic faith. To any who may have suffered inconvenience as a result of our exploratory efforts at organization in the first year we offer our sincere apologies.

With your continuing prayers and support Torch and Trumpet looks to the future with determination and hope. New authors of repute will soon appeal in its pages. Stimulating articles on many subjects of interest are being planned.

We urge you to continue sharing the joy of this mission with us.