News from Canada: Kuitert on Evolution

From one of our readers (Mr. P. H. Vander Werff, Thamesford, Ontario) we received the following interesting letter on how evolution can lead astray those who follow its principles:

Out of “Echoes from Holland” (The Banner, May 11. ’73, p. 11) one would get the impression that Dr. Kuitert does not teach evolution. This is a play on words. The whole New Theology is based on theistic evolution.

In his booklet, Conference On Evolution (C.Ev.), page 36, Dr. Kuitert says: “The creation narrative has been replaced by an evolution history.” What this means is evident from a Spiegel interview entitled: “Do you still believe in heaven?” (May 17, 69). There Dr. Kuitcrt says: “This evolutionary development is Cod’s purpose, but man is the means to perform this. If it does not come, it is our fault.” This is called horizontalism. The end product of this evolutionary development and the completion of God’s saving history are the same (Spiegel). That will be in the day of Christ, says Dr. Kuitert in an interview (Fries Dagblad, 1972). But this day of Christ is not a certain fixed day and has nothing to do with Christ coming on the clouds. For the ascension and the coming of the Lord on the clouds does not have to be taken literally (Fr. Dagblad). Maybe, says Dr. Kuitert, Christ is already always in our midst (Fr. Dagblad). This opinion of Dr. Kuitert is very important, because it has a direct influence on his view on the resurrection of the dead.

In Dr. Kuitert’s line of thought there is no place few the resurrection of the body. And this is the most important of all Dr. Kuitert’s ideas. If this world will unfold in a utopian ideal world, and Christ will not return on the clouds, when will this resurrection of the dead happen? And this denial of the resurrection of the flesh is affirmed in Dr. Kuitert’s last interviews (e.g. interview with Fr. Dagblad, 1972). Dr. Kuitert’s last words concerning these things were; “I believe we will be saved in God after death. I do not know much more. You may say it, if you know more.”

In an interview with Bomans (June 7, 72) Dr. Kuitert says: “When you die, you go back to God.” “Besides this,” Dr. Kuitert says in Anders Gezegd, “A man lives on in his children and his work” (page 161). Here Dr. Kuitert neglects the sure promises of the New Testament concerning the resurrection of the body (e.g.: Phil. 3:30 and Mark 14:62). Dr. Kuitert gives us his own fantasies.

That is the consequence of his belief in the evolutionary development it is the fruit of theistic evolution.