Mission Update

Greetings from Trinidad! I am writing to ask you for your prayers for a new ministry of West Indies Covenant Ministries. We have begun a new weekly radio program. It airs on Inspirational Radio which reaches Trinidad, Tobago, parts of Guyana, Barbados and Grenada. The potential to reach a large number of people is tremendous. The show airs live from Port of Spain and is a Theological talk show where we take calls from our listeners for the last half of the show. We have begun a series on salvation from Romans 3:21–25 and deal with the doctrines of Justification, Redemption, and Propitiation. Nearly half of the people here identify themselves as Roman Catholic but have never been taught. There is little teaching on the Christian Radio here so this will be an entirely new show. We will also have a large Charismatic audience as well as Hindus.

Please pray for: 1. My preparation for the weekly show. 2. Revs. Ramzan Hosein and Ricky Gosyne who will be answering the callers’ questions with me. 3. Many listeners and for the Spirit of God to use this to spread the truthof the Reformed Faith.

Thanks and Blessings, Pastor McGee