Looking Backward—and Forward!

Dear Friends:

In any enterprise it is both fitting and necessary that we take time to look backward. We must see what we have done. We must take stock of that which we have failed to do.

With this issue of Torch and Trumpet we finish our fourth year of publication. We have enjoyed this venture. There is genuine excitement in doing a work that is dedicated to the furtherance and propagation of our Reformed heritage.

Our joy is tempered somewhat, however. We sense we have failed in certain respects. We feel our publication must deal more directly with certain current questions. We feel we must be more successful in avoiding academic terminology. We want to speak to the plain and solid Christianity who are really the backbone of the church—the grocer, the farmer, the business executive, the housewife, office-worker, factory worker, etc. We have not always succeeded in the effort to speak to them. This we regret, and we wish to do better in this regard. In spite of these regrets, we do have one supreme joy. It is this: we feel we have been faithful to our Lord and the blessed truth he has committed to us. We may not always have spoken as plainly as we should have. But we Sincerely believe we have spoken faithfully. For the privilege of maintaining this witness over the past four four years we thank God.

In order to improve our magazine in the ways referred to above and al so in other respects, we plan some marked changes for Torch and Trumpet. You are due for some big surprises—and we mean exactly that. We sincerely believe you will find our Torch and Trumpet of the future a better, more readable and more relevant magazine. We urge you to renew your subscription if it expires with this issue. You will be glad that you did.

We wish for each of our readers the continuing joy of remaining true to the blessed heritage that is ours. That heritage we may not lose by default. To maintain it requires constant prayerful vigilance and struggle. We invite you to continue in that struggle with us, all to the end that our faithful covenant God may have the greater glory and his kingdom may shine the more brilliantly in its everlasting light.

Faithfully yours,