In A Few Words

The Board of Reformed Fellowship would like to introduce you to our new board members. The Rev. Casey Freswick was elected to be the president and chairman of the board. The Rev. Austin Reed was elected to be the board’s Vice-All, and Mr. Christopher Engelsma was elected to hold a board seat. The board wishes to welcome these new members and express its gratitude for their willingness to serve.



In addition to welcoming the new members, the board would like to thank the members who must retire due to term limits stipulated by the bylaws of Reformed Fellowship. They are Myron Rau, who served as president and chairman of the board; Rev. James Admiraal, who served as the board’s vice president and chairman of the publications committee; and Peter Hoekema, who served as a board member and on the promotions committee. We salute these gentleman for the wonderful work they accomplished in fulfilling the mission of Reformed Fellowship. Thank you, brothers. You will be missed.

Mr. Dan Van Dyke is editor of The Outlook and general manager of Reformed Fellowship.