In a Few WORDS

This issue comes to our readers as we enter the months of May and June. What a wonderful time of

 the year this is, at least in our northern hemisphere! After a cold winter and a teasing early spring that tested our patience for warmth, we at last see the trees again sporting their bright green leaves and the bushes and flowers manifesting their blossoms and beauty. And we can go outside in our short sleeves to enjoy it all. It truly gives us a new burst of life and energy!

We quickly lose our spiritual fervor and commitment. This is partly due to the fact that many church activities, particularly Bible study groups, typically end their season in May. It is also the result, I believe, because those upcoming weeks and months of summer relaxation and vacations tend to rob of us of the desire to maintain a strong devotional life. Some Christians even think it’s okay to “take a break from God and church.” Many churches will reduce their worship services or combine their services with other churches—due to the sparse attendance.

In a few words, let me encourage all of our readers to resist the temptation to slacken our devotion to the Lord in the summertime. Instead, let us take up a good book—the Bible itself, first of all—that will draw us nearer to God and renew our spiritual focus. Or read this issue of The Outlook, which contains many stimulating articles on a variety of subjects, including doctrinal instruction and Bible book study and some challenging exhortations to us personally and as church members.

As we see the trees and plants and crops and grass grow all around us, may we also see our love and knowledge of God and his truth grow within us and around us. How beautiful that would be!

Rev. James Admiraal  is a member of the board of Reformed Fellowship, Inc.