Children’s Humans Rights

We talk about human rights

In words harsh and wild.

The most violated rights

Are the rights of a child.



With all the abortions

That’s very bad news.

In the U.S. we killed more babies

Than Hitler killed Jews.


We have animal rights

But may we never forget,

That the life of a child is worth more

Than the life of a pet.


We are much more concerned about children

In some foreign land,

Than our own dear children.

I don’t quite understand.


Tempers may flare

And abortions may mount.

But we as a nation

Must give an account.


Just open the Bible

And there you will see

Jesus loves little children.

He said, “Just bring them to me.”


We must repent of our sins,

Change the way that we live.

Then God up in heaven

Will surely forgive.


Richard Voortman