Book Review Shorts

God’s Ambassadors: The Westminster Assembly and the Reformation of the English Pulpit, 1643–1653.

Chad Van Dixhoorn.

Grand Rapids, MI: Reformation Heritage Books, 2017. xxv + 215 pages.

Reviewed by Rev. Jerome M. Julien

This volume, part of a series called Studies on the Westminster Assembly, is valuable for every minister and lover of church history. In fact, it has value for everyone involved in the ongoing activity of the church.

The Westminster Assembly had to deal with doctrine and the task of the church due to the spiritual death and carelessness of the English churches in the days following the unique reformation there. It is well-researched, as the footnotes and bibliography show. While some chapters are more technical than others, it lays out the requirements for preaching.

As I read about the extensive exams given to incoming preachers, I wondered how many ministers would be approved if the methods and content of pre-ordination exams were still followed today. Perhaps we would do well to attempt to follow some of the Westminster method of examination today.

The last one hundred pages lay out the nature of the office of the minister of the Word and his essential labor of preaching.

Highly recommended.

Bible Studies on Jacob (Genesis 25–49) 2007. 156 pages.

Bible Studies on Genesis 1–11 2007. 186 pages.

Bible Studies on Joseph and Judah. (Genesis 37–50)

By Mark Vander Hart. 2008. 148 pages. Grandville, MI: Reformed Fellowship, Inc.

Reviewed by Rev. Jerome M. Julien

Some time ago I reviewed Rev. Vander Hart’s study material on Genesis 1–11. These two volumes continue to open up the material in Genesis in the same helpful way as he did in the material on Genesis 1–11. Perhaps some day he will finish Genesis 12–25, and it will be available also. This would be helpful for the churches because Genesis is the foundation of all that follows in Scripture.

As usual, Rev. Vander Hart gives the background of the passage to be studied, as well as discussion questions. He points out clearly the history of redemption in these lessons.

These volumes on Genesis are certainly valuable for group study, but they are also wonderful guides for personal study. Happy and blessed studying!

Rev. Jerome Julien is a retired minister in the URCNA living in Hudsonville, MI, and serves on the board of Reformed Fellowship. He and his wife, Reita, are members of Walker URC in Grand Rapids, MI.