Book Review February 1996

GAY POLITICS VS. COLORADO AND AMERICA: The Inside Story of Amendment 2 $22 (cloth), 302 pages including photos, appendixes, and endnotes. Sardis Press (Box 11, Cascade CO 80809), 1994 Stephen Bransford

Keen observers of the American scene are beginning to understand that in 1992 Colorado handed the gay lobby its agenda stillborn. The Washington Times called the unexpected passage of Amendment 2 the “brightest light in an otherwise disastrous election year for conservatives,” In GAY POLITICS VS. COLORADO AND AMERICA:

The Inside Story of Amendment 2, Stephen Bransford delivers the exclusive inside account of how a small grassroots organization stood against the full fury of America’s cultural elite—and won. The narrative cuts through the trendy arguments of social evolutionists, revealing that the heart of the amendment was not discrimination, but justice, fairness and moral freedom for the private sector. Bransford looks at the gay boycott as yet another example of the curious self-destruction inherent in gay politics—a factor compassionate people on both sides of the issue need to better understand.

GAY POLITICS VS. COLORADO AND AMERICA is filled with facts totally ignored or missed by the news media. It explains how in 1991 the gay lobby threatened Colorado with felony harassment charges through H.B. 1059, creating the need for a protective law like Amendment 2. It contains the memo revealing Governor Romer’s betrayal of the public trust in his eagerness to overturn the election. It reveals for the first time how Amendment 2 failed to win solidarity from the religious right, even though the news media continues to label it a religious “fundamentalist” law.

The book reveals the hypocrisy of the media in censoring Amendment 2 commercials while making prime time available to the gay lobby. It also explains how media antagonism backfired, generating 80,000 signatures for the Amendment 2 petition. The book contains an episode in which news writers heartlessly exploit the suicide of an AIDS victim, inciting dangerous murder accusations against Colorado for Family Values. A media-touted “compromise” of Amendment 2 is exposed as just another ACLU/gay rights strategy. The book unveils the ego battles plaguing CFV’s co-founders, and it explores the continuing internal debate over the use of gay behavioral statistics. It clearly delineates how Oregon and Colorado took the nation’s gay rights temperature in ‘92, and it reveals what the news media continues to conceal—the key to the Colorado victory. In many instances, this book supplies the missing pieces in the national conversation about gay rights.

Finally, GAY POLITICS VS. COLORADO AND AMERICA sheds a frightening light on the perversion of justice by Colorado’s courts. Bransford describes the legal trap socially aggressive judges set for Amendment 2. He furthermore explains why their rulings will eventually be reversed.

This is both a political how-to, and how-not-to; a hook to send political correctness back to school. It relays the hopeful message that in the end, the people will set the standards of decency for America, not the courts, not the media, and not the gay lobby. For anyone needing to know the truth about what really happened in the so-called “State of Hate,” GAY POLITICS VS. COLORADO AND AMERICA delivers.