Book Briefs

A Woman’s Mission by John J. James ISBN 1-57358-117-8 (Booklet, 34 pages). Retail: $3.00

“The sweetness and urgency of this call to piety from the pen of a pastor who understood the potential of a woman when she is transformed by grace—reaches across the decades to the depths of the female soul…I pray that women everywhere will heed this call. Every Christian woman should read this at least once a year.” –Susan Hunt

As lines are continually blurred by our culture, men and women are losing their sense of identity and purpose and ideas of what makes men and women different are being both eroded and ridiculed. But while the culture changes, God does not. He has laid down in His Word what it means to be a woman, and what her mission in life is to be. John Angell James, a 19th century Congregational preacher from England, wrote a classic on Christian womanhood under the title Female Piety (also available from Soli Deo Gloria). This booklet is excerpted from that work.

This booklet is available from Soli Deo Gloria, P.O. Box 451, Morgan, PA 15064.

Preaching Christ (Volume 5 of the Works of Edward Reynolds) by Edward Reynolds ISBN 1-57358-105-4 (Hardback, 559 pages). Retail: $29.95

Edward Reynolds (1593–1676) was Bishop of Norwich and one of the Westminster Divines. This volume contains 22 sermons that expose the sinfulness of man and exalt the absolute goodness and righteousness of God.

The complete 6-volume set of the Works of Edward Reynolds is now available.

ISBN 1-57358-106-2 (Six-volume set, 2875 pages). Retail: $179.70 These books are available from Soli Deo Gloria, P.O. Box 451, Morgan, PA 15064.