Book Briefs from the Banner of Truth May 1996

Spurgeon v. Hyper-Calvinism by Iain H. Murray Paperback, 176pp., $5.99, ISBN 85151-692-0

C.H. Spurgeon is best remembered today for his remarkable ministry based in Victorian London, preaching to thousands every week and being read by hundreds of thousands later when his sermons were published. He preached Christ to all as the only Savior. But as early as 1855 this brought him into a serious and prolonged doctrinal controversy with Hyper-Calvinism. By tracing this conflict, exploring the issues involved in it and showing what was at stake in them, Iain H. Murray underlines the contemporary relevance and importance of sharing C.H. Spurgeon’s convictions.

Gateway to the Old Testament by Noel Weeks Paperback, 320pp., $11.99, ISBN 85151-690-4

Those who are new to the study of the Bible will find that this book will help to build a secure and lasting foundation for a lifetime of study, while others for whom the Old Testament is already a well-known companion will find insight which will help towards a deeper and even more rewarding grasp of the message of Scripture as a whole.

Noel Weeks is senior lecturer in History at the University of Sydney, and the author of The Sufficiency of Scripture and The Christian School also published by the Trust.

The Scot Worthies by John Howie Clothbound, 672pp., $33.99, ISBN 85151-686-0

John Howie (1735–93) was an Ayrshire man, well-read and deeply educated in history of his Christian forebears. Conscious of the unfounded criticism and misrepresentation of them which had arisen even in the 18th Century, he devoted himself to compiling this fascinating volume of cameo pen-portraits. His chief aim was to write in such a way that readers would be encouraged to grasp the heroic, sacrificial and glorious nature of life consecrated unreservedly to Christ.

Within the covers of a single-volume, The Scots Worthies offers stirring mini-biographies of the great recall of the Christian heroes of Scotland in the 16th and 17th Centuries.

Whom Shall I Marry? by Andrew Swanson Booklet, 32pp., $2.00, ISBN 85151-688-2

Marriage, claims Andrew Swanson, is “one of the most important questions you will ever think about.” In this booklet, he underlines the most important principles which Scripture gives in order to guide us to a wise and happy choice of a life-long partner.

These principles are plain and clear, but they are not always easy to put into practice. The author writes sensitively, realistically and encouragingly about the ways in which God guides and directs those whose central desire is to do His will. Andrew Swanson is an ordained minister presently serving Christ in the Middle East.