Book Briefs from the Banner of Truth June 1996

The Pundit’s Folly by Sinclair B. Ferguson Paperback, 96pp. ISBN 0-85151676 9 A new evangelistic book by this popular writer, designed to help non-Christians by showing them how the fundamental problems of the modem world are problems already faced and answered in the one Book which pundits seldom read.

The Bleeding of the Evangelical Church by David F. Wells Booklet, 16pp. ISBN 0-85151682 3 David F. Wells of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Massachusetts, here challenges evangelicalism with a disturbing analysis of its present condition. In putting “success” before theology we have produced a plague of nominal evangelicalism which, unless reversed, leaves us “headed toward the oblivion of irrelevance before God.”

The Embattled Christian by Bryan G. Zacharias Paperback, 164pp. ISBN 0-85151675 0 This book provides a valuable introduction to William Gurnall’s classic The Christian In Complete Armour and to the theme emphasized so powerfully there concerning the biblical view of spiritual warfare. As well as standing on its own as an excellent study of the principles of Christian living, The Embattled a Christian also provides an ideal entrance to a whole world of Puritan literature.

Singing in the Fire by Faith Cook Paperback, 208pp. ISBN 0-85151 684 X In these fourteen short biographies, Faith Cook brings home the reality of the faith which carries Christians victoriously through trials. lncluded are some well-known names, but also a number who lived far from public notice. Here are moving records from the old and the modern, from Jew and Gentile, male and female, and all combined in a way to make Christians everywhere lift up their heads.

John 17 by George Newton Clothbound, 412pp. ISBN 0-85151 6793 John 17 has always been a favorite chapter of the Bible for God’s people, not least because of the wonderful view it gives of the prayers of the Lord Jesus himself. These sermons bring home to us something of the beauty of this great chapter. “If not one of the chief of the Puritans, Newton was but little behind the front rank in ability. His writings are plain and profitable” C.H. Spurgeon

Old Testament Evangelistic Sermons by D. M. Lloyd-Jones Clothbound, 304pp. ISBN 0-85151 6831 The question of how to preach the gospel effectively today is difficult for many to answer; that it can be done from the Old Testament is frequently doubted. The importance of this volume lies in the way it answers these difficulties, unintentionally providing modes to encourage similar biblically relevant and powerful preaching. After hearing one such sermon Dr. Wilbur M. Smith wrote, “I have not heard such preaching for years….I wish every minister of the Lord in America could have heard the sermons I have heard from this anointed servant of the Lord.”