Book Brief

Studies in Isaiah


(William B. Eerdman Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, Mich., 1954, pp. 206, $2.50.)

Professor E. J. Young of Westminster Theological Seminary continues his scholarly contributions to the literature of the Old Testament with Studies in Isaiah, a series of short articles dealing with various problems raised by the critical study of Isaiah.

As expected, Prof. Young takes a firm stand all the side of conservatives and will not be moved from his conviction that Isaiah is God’s Word. This docs not mean that he refuses to give attention to the arguments of Liberal or Barthian scholars, but only that he does a masterful piece of refutation with all of them.

Any ministers who are uncertain as to how many Isaiahs there are, or as to whether the word Almah in Isaiah 7:14 should be translated “virgin,” or as to who the Suffering Servant was, would do well to read this volume.

For any Reformed minister who wishes to keep abreast of the higher critical attacks on Scripture, this book is a must. It will not only give him knowledge of these attacks, but also the defense he needs to meet them.

– EARL E. ZETTERHOLM, Muskegon, Michigan